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I often think in music

Albert Einstein

 The Ukulele! 

The Ukulele!


Get acquainted with the ukulele! Students can look forward to learning to ultimately strum and sing their favourite pop songs on this instrument!

The Ukulele Apprentice


(For Intermediate and Advanced level)
Take the instrument further as students learn to play notes and develop strumming variations to play as an ensemble together!

Ukulele Ensemble


Students learn to develop their teamwork capabilities as they learn to listen to each other, strum and learn note reading.

 The Guitar! 

The Guitar!


Learn to play the guitar! Students can look forward to learning chords and to strum and sing their favourite pop songs on this instrument!

The Guitar Ensemble


Develop a full sound with a guitar ensemble. Perfect for CCA or intermediate guitar classes, students learn to strum, read and play notes.


World Percussion Course


Get introduced to rhythms around the world and their history. Better yet, find out how to play these rhythms!

Stomp and Recycled Percussion


Your chance to go green in music by using recycled instruments in music! Students get to experiment with different sorts of drums, containers to produce a full sounding eclectic ensemble!

My Asian Percussion Journey


From PAL to secondary schools, this programme embarks students on a journey around Asia to discover and play the different beats from our heritage.



While producing SYF winners, our angklung programme also enriches students with understanding the history of the instrument as well as the importance of teamwork in playing music.

 Hip Hop Dance & Beat Box 

Hip Hop Dance


From interactive mass dances to classroom style choreography, students learn to perform and move to hip hop beats and discover the basic techniques to dancing to unravel the dancer within!

Beat Box


Learn to create percussive sounds with the voice! Students learn to create a drums ensemble using their voices!

 Digital / Computer Music 

Groovy Jungle (Primary)


Groovy Jungle provides an excellent platform for young students to get familiarised with music making in computers. It gives students an easy understanding of making music while providing a lot of fun and interaction with the student!

Music for Movies (Secondary)


Create sound effects, music and narrate a silent movie! A perfect introduction for students to music software and understanding how software works!

Rhythm Remix


Learn the 2 languages in computer music and how to manipulate them in this lesson. Students can look forward to using their favourite pop songs and remixing them on the computer!

Hip Hop Yo!


Compose a rap ! This course helps students understand the combination of technical ability in software and creativity in music. Step by step approaches help students ease into composing a rap piece as they deal with only note values first.

Song Composer


Take composition further and compose a song! Students get to learn song structures, note values and scales and explore how to make use of the computer to create an original composition. Good works will get to be submitted for performance or competition!

Computer Music Producer


The penultimate course in computer music. Students learn the dynamics of music software and detailed effects as well as music scales and chord tones to communicate moods.

GarageBand / Music on the iPad and Mac


Work with the latest fad in computer music! The iPad presents a multi-faceted approach to computer music. Students can look forward to composing an original piece of music, play live with their piece or recording a karaoke version of their composition!

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