The Music Explorer


Brutus and friends is a music curriculum that is relevant, layered and most of all, engaging.

The Music Explorer

Journey with Brutus as he and his friends get into different adventures! From being late to playing impromptu at an orchestra, children follow Brutus and friends in discovering and learning about music.
Brutus and friends is a music curriculum that is relevant, layered and most of all, engaging.


Music and Me

An introductory and exploratory adventure to music. Develop listening and coordination skills through a thematic and fun-filled approach!  Children also  develop early language and learning abilities through exposure to different sounds and rhythms in music.


The Music Explorer I 

Explore and understand basic music concepts. Develop musical sense through singing, movement and playing different instruments.

NAC Approved

We are late , Treasure in the Jungle 2 exciting adventures with Brutus and Friends. Students get onto a musical journey.


The Music Explorer II 

Learn fundamentals of music. Children learn to listen and play individually as well as a group, besides learning the fundamentals of music.


The Music Maker 

From percussion to the keyboard, children embark on a journey to explore different instruments and learn to play rhythmically and melodically.


The Musician 

Play together as an ensemble ! Develop teamwork and confidence through performance. Children play a variety of instruments including the ukulele, for further musical exposure.

K1 to K2

Treasure in the Jungle

Explore sounds in the jungle and learn rhythms and other elements of music as Brutus and Timmy wander into the jungle in search of treasure!

N1 to K2

We are Late !

Brutus and Timmy are terribly late for Daniel’s orchestra performance. Explore basic elements of music as they move along with the story.


Music in Mandarin






A foundation music course to prepare the child to play the piano or other instruments in future. Children will acquire basic keyboard playing skills and learn music fundamentals and theory. 


An introductory course to learn the basics of violin playing. Learn to bow and play simple tunes at the end of the course.
An excellent platform to develop coordination skills and focus.


Learn to strum and sing with the ukulele! Starting from chords and progressing to playing notes in the next level, children will learn to play and sing confidently and competently.


Strength Explorer

Discover your musical strengths and find out what instrument you are best at !

Instruments Explorer

Discover and get the chance to try out different instruments !

Learn team work and the importance of good values through story  based music lessons.

Character Explorer

History Explorer

Learn about music history and discover the people who  created music!



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