Music can change the world because it can change people.


 Pop & Rock 

Pop Keyboards

Understand chords, improvisation and learn to play pop tunes on keyboards. Discover how to possibly replicate tunes easily.

Pop Vocals

Yes you can sing! Learn to develop your voice and discover simple techniques to help you sing better, like proper posture and breathing.

Pop Guitar

Understand chord structures and strumming patterns. Learn theories and develop your techniques to play your favourite pop songs.


Get close to instant gratification in playing music. Learn how to strum and sing and there after pick notes on this simple to play four-stringed instrument.

Finger-style Guitar

Best for guitarists looking to improve their guitar skills, finger-style introduces students to chord improvisation and electric rhythm patterns!

Electric Guitar

The birth of the ‘cool’. Learn to play the electric guitar and play in a band! Develop techniques to create that rock sound!

Electric Bass

Discover the instrument that controls the sound of the band. From reggae to straight rock, students get to practise and expand their vocabulary of songs.


Be the backbone of the band! Learn coordination and dynamics. Perfect for music beginners.



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